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In the Show Ring

Splendor Farms dachshunds in American Kennel Club (AKC) shows.

"Heritage Top Gun Splendor at Seidach" (a.k.a., "Gunner")
"Splendor's True Grit by Westwolf" (a.k.a., "Duke")
"CH Splendor's Singing to the Choir" (a.k.a., "Maggie")
"CH Splendor's Pennies in a Stream" (a.k.a., "Penny")
"Splendor's Geaux Diego Geaux" (a.k.a., "Winston")
"Splendor's This is Ground Control" (a.k.a., "Major Tom")
"Splendor's Grendox Vom Daxi Haus SL" (a.k.a., "A.J.")
"Splendor's Salsbury Cathedral Sioux" (a.k.a., "PawPaw")
"Splendor's Mr. GQ" (a.k.a., "Jackson")
"GTO's Meadowlark Windi" (a.k.a., "Windi")
"Barstar's Bon Jovi" (a.k.a., "Bon Jovi")
"Hirollers Kokomo-O-Legend" (a.k.a., "Kokomo")
"Splendor's Legend of the Dark Knight" (a.k.a., "Victor")
"Splendor's Louisiana Lagniappe" (a.k.a., "Louie")
"Splendor Saturday Special" (a.k.a., "Ginger")

(a.k.a., "GUNNER")

Gunner gets a 5 point Major win!!
(Kenner, Louisiana)

(a.k.a., "DUKE")

Photos coming soon!

(a.k.a., "MAGGIE")

CH Splendor's Singing to the Choir, a.k.a. Maggie, is a standard long haired
red female from Diego & Myra. Currently showing in the southeast.

our first Bred by Standard Dachshund
Thank you Sue Cannimore for leading our Maggie
through her AKC CH Title finish

And a big thank you to Judge Ms. Linda C. More for recognizing Maggie
at the Baton Rouge Kennel Club, Inc. show in Alexandria, LA

Maggie gets her Championship!!

Sweet Maggie beats the special to take Best of Breed recently in Jackson,
Mississippi! Way to go, Maggie! Thanks to Sue Cannimore!

Maggie gets a major in Houston!!

Maggie wins in Dallas!!

Maggie is a Winner at the Alexandria, LA show!!

2 VIDEOS BELOW: Maggie in the show ring. Her first show in the six to nine month old puppy class was a good start as she obtained a First in Class, Second in Class, Winners Bitch, and Best of Winners, earning her one point!

Handler Sue Cannimore's comments:
"....Everything clicked with Maggie today - she walked when I said 'let's go' and went
Best of Winner's. It was still just 1 point, but it's not bad to leave the first shows
with 6 month old pups with both having their first points.

Sue, we agree!  Thanks for the Alexandria show....
looking forward to Pine Bluff, Arkansas!

(a.k.a., "PENNY")

Splendor's Pennies in a Stream, a.k.a. Penny, is a lovely
standard red female from Rita & Diego.

our second Bred by Standard Dachshund
Thank you Sue Cannimore for starting our Penny
towards her AKC CH Title and thank you Arvind deBraganca
for the blazing two three point majors in two days to finish!

And a big thank you to Judge Sheila Smith for recognizing Penny
at the West Volusia Kennel Club show in Deland, Florida

Penny with Judge Richard Albee awarding her a three point major
the day before winning her second major to get her championship
in Deland, FL at the West Volusia Kennel Club.

Penny takes Best of Winners in Montgomery, AL!!

ABOVE & BELOW: Penny takes Best of Winners two days
in a row in Brandon, MS!! (November, 2012)

2 VIDEOS BELOW: Penny wins Winners Bitch and
Best of Winners in Forest, Mississippi!!!!!!!!

BELOW: Video clip of Penny showing in Hot Springs, AR!

(a.k.a., "WINSTON")

Splendor's Geaux Diego Geaux, a.k.a. Winston, is a standard long haired
red male from Diego & Myra. Currently showing in the southeast.

Winston is for sale to a loving home. If interested, contact us.

Winston wins in Marshall, Texas!!

Winston wins at the Alexandria, LA show!!

VIDEO BELOW: Winston in the show ring. His first show in the six to nine month old puppy class was a good start as he obtained a First in Class, a Reserve, and gained him two points and a Winners Dog, earning him two points!!!

Handler Sue Cannimore's comments:
"....I was very surprised with Winston's win since there were older,
better trained dogs in the ring...."

(a.k.a., "MAJOR TOM")

"Splendor's This is Ground Control" (a.k.a., Major Tom) has been purchased for the show ring by Fred & Mary Lou B. He will be shown in AKC conformation shows! Good luck, everyone! Make us proud, Major!!

BEAUTIFUL Major made his show ring debut at the Michigan Winter Dog Classic on January 17-20, 2013. He scored an impressive 2nd place in his variety group! Congratulations Major! Keep making us proud! Love & kisses!

"Hi Kelly, Major's first big outing was Sunday at the Oakland County Kennel Club Dog Show. He did very well with the crowds and everyone wanting to pet him. I don't know how many people held him, and he just kept getting passed from one person to another. He was such a good boy and handled the commotion very well. Many people commented about his wonderful, calm temperament and wanted to know if we would sell him. People kept commenting about how striking he was. He certainly was adored by all. We had such fun with your beautiful boy and feel so honored to have him.

He also did very well in the ring taking second in the hound group. He got just a little distracted when he saw me so next time I will have to hide. The judge really liked him and it was very close between him and the 15'' beagle that was first. Fred was thrilled to be his handler and can't wait for the next show.

Major sends his love and a big kiss"
-- Mary Lou B., January 23, 2012

Major is a BEAUTIFUL black & cream male from Summer & Dusty

"OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH Kelly how can we thank you. He is absolutely gorgeous and even way more than we expected. It was a leap of faith for us to buy a puppy sight-un-seen from you, but you certainly should be very proud of Major and his breeding. He has such a wonderful temperament and is such a little lover. He will be absolutely beautiful in the show ring. There is going to be a puppy show in January at the Novi Expo Center . He will wow the judges. He is so smart and has the cutest personality. I could go on all day.

He slept all night in a crate next to our bed and we never heard a sound from him.

Anyway, he is wonderful, and we thank you so much. We will keep you posted and send pictures. Best Regards,"
-- Fred & Mary Lou B., November 10, 2012

Additional Major Photos & Comments:

"Just thought you would like to know that Major passed his physical this afternoon and was officially declared a beautiful, healthy puppy. As was expected, he was the darling of the vet's office. Everyone made a big fuss over him. He is settling in nicely, eating and sleeping well. Had a long nap this afternoon in Fred arms.

He discovered the bay window today and was lying in the sun with Sasha and Molly. He figured out pretty fast the ramp to go up but is still a little hesitant about coming down -kind of does a belly slide.

Thank you again for such a beautiful little boy. He has definitely wiggled his way into our hearts.

P.S. We are amazed at how well he stacks for a 3 month old puppy."
-- Mary Lou B., November 10, 2012

"The first picture is of Major Tom and his new sister, Sasha, taking a sun bath in the bay window. He loves it there because he can see everything going on out side, hang out with the big dogs and take a sun bath all at once. He is still a little skittish with the ramp but he lets us know when he wants down, and we practice with him each time so he will catch on soon. The next one is of him learning to walk on a lead with Daddy. He starts conformation classes Tuesday evening so walking on a lead is a big step for such a little guy.

We are having so much fun with him Kelly. Such a precious little boy!!!!! He gave me a kiss today."
-- Mary Lou B., November 11, 2012

(a.k.a., "A.J.")

A.J. (pictured below) is sold to Jackie W. of Green Bay, WI

Future show dog "Splendor's Grendox Vom Daxi Haus SL" (a.k.a., A.J., left),
age 4 months, hanging out ringside with current show dog
"Splendor's Pennies in a Stream" (a.k.a. Penny, right)

"So, this is a dog show? Hope I can do this."

"What are you looking at?"

(a.k.a., "PAWPAW")

PawPaw is the grandson of Champion Heidox Erik Sebastian, and many others.
Here he takes 1st place at D'Arbonne Kennel Club in Ruston, LA.

After placing 3rd in his first 5 point AKC show for 12 -18 month dachshunds,
PawPaw scored a 2nd place in Houston (pictured). Great job PawPaw & Lynda!


PawPaw won both his classes on Saturday and Sunday in Longview, TX and went to Best of Winners both days and placed Second on both days. He recently placed first at a 3-day show in Houston, TX and went to Best of Winners placing 2nd all three days.

(a.k.a., "JACKSON")

"Splendor's Mr. GQ" (a.k.a., Jackson) competed in his first show in Longview Texas and won both his classes Saturday and Sunday and went to Best of Winners both days placing Third and Second.

(a.k.a., "WINDI")

Windi (pictured below) is sold to Diethelm N. of St. Louis, MO

Windi is retired and has found her forever home
with Diethelm & Marlena of St. Louis, MO.

"SUBJECT: Our sweet little girl with "Daddy". Kelly, thought you might want to get an update about Windy. She is the sweetest little girl, so loving, she is very smart, likes to go for walks, sit on our lap, is very generous with her kisses. We never had such a good dog before, she is perfect for us. We give her a lot of love, too. We are grateful having her. Thank you," -- Marlena & Dieter, May 3, 2014

Diethelm & Windi in March, 2014

"Kelly, we want to let you know that Windi is the sweetest, most loving little dog, couldn't have asked for a better dog. She took to us right away, she loves to sit on our lap, she likes to be loved all the time and we do just that. She is perfect for us. Thank you. We'll keep you informed," -- Marlena & Dieter, March 30, 2014

"Subject: Sweet little Windi. Kelly, I thought you might like to see how fast our little girl bonded with us. She'll get a lot of love from us." -- Marlena, March 22, 2014

Windi (a.k.a., "GTO's Meadowlark Windi") is the daughter of Packer & Mocha.
Above, she won her first point in Southaven, MS on July 11th, 2010.
CONGRATULATIONS to Windi and Gary of Memphis, Tennessee!

(a.k.a., "BON JOVI")

Beautiful show dachshund Bon Jovi is SOLD for full registration to:
Dachshund Mania, Saskatchewan, Canada

(a.k.a., "KOKOMO")

Splendor Farms has recently purchased the wonderful Kokomo!! An unfinished, 9 point earner, he will be bred to Sophie, Lani, and Nola to produce chocolate and chocolate dapple babies. His coat is gorgeous and his conformation is outstanding.

If interested in one of his babies, contact us to get on the waiting list.

(a.k.a., "VICTOR")

What can I say about this guy? Victor is the son of Elvis, grandson of Packer,
carrier of blues, chocolates, dapples, and champion bloodlines, too.
Watch for him in the show ring!

(a.k.a., "LOUIE")

"Splendor's Louisiana Lagniappe" (a.k.a., Louie), is a red sable miniature
male recently acquired to take Mikey's place as Mikey is now retired.
Look for him in the show ring spring 2014.

(a.k.a., "GINGER")

Look for Ginger and Arvind DeBraganca in the 2015 Winter shows!





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